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Crazy Ass Family On The Loose-Why We Do IT

Crazy Ass Family On The Loose

My first video using iMovie app on my iPhone. It is great for making videos! I got to get a Mac computer! I was playing around with the iMovie app on my phone and just kept going. It turned into my video I named ‘Crazy Ass Family On The Loose.’ It was so much fun! So easy to do. As I mentioned I don’t have a Mac, but definitely will be getting one. (By the way… I don’t work for Apple….I wish!)

Hi, it’s no joke we are a crazy ass family on the loose when we are out and on vacations. We have so much fun on vacations as you can see. There’s so much more I could have shared, but it would have turned into a movie. Some that would have been embarrassing for us… lol

My husband and I work from home and love the freedom that it gives us. My daughter and dogs love the fringe benefits of being home together. It’s great to decide at a moments notice, to travel of just do what we want, when we want.

We play hard! And we work harder! If you are like us. then you need to join our crazy ass family on the loose! Have fun with fun down to earth people.

See What The Crazy Ass Family On The Loose Is Into

We have been searching for years for the perfect home business opportunity and found it! That’s after trying so many different things that just got us nowhere.

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner……..that’s what our home business is all about. Teaching and Training step by step!

P.S. Of Course, it’s up to you!


The Best Home Based Business Opportunity For Teachers

The Best Home Based Business Opportunity For Teachers

Click the link….thank me later!  A business that makes sense!


How Can I Work From Home And Make Money

How Can I Work From Home And Make Money

After 34 years of teaching every year I would ask  ‘How Can I Work From Home And Make Money’?


I had reached the point of being burnt out! I needed a career change!  It stressful to teach students that did not want to be in the classroom. Unmotivated and many times disrespectful. I dreaded having to drive in bad weather conditions and often dangerous weather conditions.

During my summer break I would wonder How Can I Work From Home And Make Money. I never really did move forward. I thought it would get better the next year. Besides nothing really interested me besides the same old network marketing businesses that are around.

Found My Answer To How Can I Work From Home And Make Money

One day everything changed for us when we were having serious financial problems.  My husband was a mortgage broker and had just lost a lot of his business because of the mortgage crisis.  We were used to both incomes and now there was just my paycheck.
We were close to  losing our house and were behind in most of our bills….that was until we decided to start working from home when a friend introduced us to an online business.  That’s when everything changed.
We were fortunate to have met many successful people that were seasoned network and internet marketing leaders.  We have great training in all aspects of internet marketing and have learned so much about the industry and continue to learn.
This business is not easy, Nothing is easy,  but if you are with the right people, a proven system, have a great work ethic, coachable and will do whatever it takes….this is for you.
This is How Can I Work From Home And Make Money!