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The Grocery Checkout Lady Made Me Cry

A Moment At The Grocery Checkout Brings Tears

Today was a very emotional day from the moment I woke up. Lately I have been reflecting on my life….that happens more and more as I get older.

March 14 is an anniversary of a tragic moment in my life that happened 43 years ago when I was in college. I’m not getting into that since it’s not the reason for this blog and I really don’t want this to be a bummer and sad blog.

The reason I’m writing is to share about a person (my adopted mother) that had an incredible impact on my life. I was adopted at the age of fourteen and will be forever grateful to have had her in my life. If you’ve read my other blogs you will know what I mean.  Today at the grocery store my checkout lady looked and acted just like my mother and I started to cry. I miss her so much and miss talking to her. We lost my mother to cancer and not a day goes by that I don’t think about her.

When we are young we take are parents for granted. I want to include an article that was written about my adopted parents. This will show what awesome people they were and how they helped people.

Volume 32, Number 8
August 2002
Gasts honored for volunteerism

With over 25 years of dedicated service, it is no wonder Bob and Marge Gast from Warsaw, Ind., have been named the Territorial Volunteer Family. What they have done to serve others through The Salvation Army could fill volumes, but here’s a glance.

Marge is a past advisory board member and a long-standing women’s auxiliary member. Both she and her husband work tirelessly on fundraising projects, including the auxiliary’s annual fruit and nut sale and the soup and pie luncheon. They have been instrumental in starting an auxiliary children’s fashion show and luncheon which raises funds to buy school clothes and shoes for underprivileged children. The Gasts also regularly purchase food and prepare the meal for the youth program on Wednesday nights. During the holidays, they’re on kettle duty, help with the Angel Tree and league of mercy.

They also serve their community by helping with senior center activities, and Bob heads up organization of Mobile Meals delivery through the Rotary Club. While they’re active in their own church, they support special events at the corps and Marge regularly attends the corps’ women’s Bible study.

The Army salutes you, Bob and Marge, for your Christian witness, commitment and service!

 I thank God everyday for bringing this beautiful family into my life. The article didn’t mention that they had 4 children and then adopted three of us…..that’s because they thought of us as their children……not once did we EVER feel different because we were adopted.  The same goes for their 4 biological children. We were brothers and sisters from the day we were adopted. I am a very lucky person! Cherish your family and have a great day!

How My Father Has Been My Inspiration

How My Father Has Been My Inspiration  dad

Where to begin in how my father has been my inspiration. I owe everything to him and my mother.  That is an understatement! Could it be that….

  • he was a foster parent to me and three of my siblings with four of his biological children
  • he was a role model to his family
  • he served the community in many ways
  • he served his country and was a Hero
  • he loved us unconditionally
  • he worked long hours to provide for us
  • he loved my mother
  • he put us through college
  • he always let me know how proud he was of us
  • he took care of my mother when she was terminally ill
  • he visited me often in college to take me to lunch
  • he always brought us gifts when he had to be out of town for work
  • he adopted me as a teenager
  • he talked me into staying in college after I wanted to quit
  • he gave me a beautiful life!

How my father has been my inspiration is hard to put into words. I was one of the lucky ones that was able to be taken in to a home filled with love.  I have so many great memories and owe him so much for all he does.  Thank you Dad!  Happy Father’s Day!  I Love You!

Things I Regret Taking For Granted When I Was Younger

My birthday is in a few days and I find myself looking back at my life. There were so many Things I Regret Taking For Granted When I Was Younger.  Perhaps someone reading this blog will take away a valuable lesson from it.

I have always loved the Beatles and felt the song ‘Blackbird’ fit well with what I was feeling as I wrote.


Things I Regret Taking For Granted When I Was Younger

When reflecting back on what I wanted to share a few of the Things I Regret Taking For Granted When I Was Younger   They were my moms.  I was fortunate to have two mothers.  I lost my biological mom in a car accident at the age of 14 and never really told her how much I loved her.  One of the last things she probably remembered was that I did not spend her birthday with her.  I preferred to be with the family that eventually adopted me, because I did not want to go back to the inner city where we lived. I was a selfish little girl.   I regret not telling her I loved her and spending time with her when I had the chance.

Another major regret is when a few years ago my adopted mother was dying of cancer I did not stay by her side and comfort her more.  I wished that when she was alive I had thanked her for taking me in and giving me a wonderful life. I always felt loved and took her love for granted.  If I wasn’t able to visit she was always understanding and would say “You have your family and I know you’re busy honey”.  I miss her calling me honey.  I miss calling her for advise.  I miss her hugs. I miss her smile. I miss her so much it hurts!

I have been emotional more than usual and wanted to share and speak to my moms.  Even though they are not physically here…..I know they are in spirit.  I feel their presence every time I see something they loved.  I love you both and miss you!