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Crazy Ass Family On The Loose-Why We Do IT

Crazy Ass Family On The Loose

My first video using iMovie app on my iPhone. It is great for making videos! I got to get a Mac computer! I was playing around with the iMovie app on my phone and just kept going. It turned into my video I named ‘Crazy Ass Family On The Loose.’ It was so much fun! So easy to do. As I mentioned I don’t have a Mac, but definitely will be getting one. (By the way… I don’t work for Apple….I wish!)

Hi, it’s no joke we are a crazy ass family on the loose when we are out and on vacations. We have so much fun on vacations as you can see. There’s so much more I could have shared, but it would have turned into a movie. Some that would have been embarrassing for us… lol

My husband and I work from home and love the freedom that it gives us. My daughter and dogs love the fringe benefits of being home together. It’s great to decide at a moments notice, to travel of just do what we want, when we want.

We play hard! And we work harder! If you are like us. then you need to join our crazy ass family on the loose! Have fun with fun down to earth people.

See What The Crazy Ass Family On The Loose Is Into

We have been searching for years for the perfect home business opportunity and found it! That’s after trying so many different things that just got us nowhere.

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner……..that’s what our home business is all about. Teaching and Training step by step!

P.S. Of Course, it’s up to you!


How To Get Rid Of Wrinkles And Fine Lines-Instantly Ageless

Amazing Results with Instantly Ageless- How to get rid of wrinkles and fine lines



I Am A Teacher And Want To Change Careers


I Am A Teacher And Want To Change Careers

Yep it’s me he’s speaking of… I Am A Teacher And Want To Change Careers.  Every summer my husband would have to listen to me talk about wanting to do something from home.  The thought of going back to teach in the Fall depressed me. I was tired and burnt out on teaching.  I taught for 34 years and was ready for a change. Problem was that I didn’t know what I could do.
I made a decent income so I wanted to at least replace my teaching salary and benefits. Well, one day I finally decided and we took a leap of faith and started working our new home business that we were introduced to. It was scary since I didn’t have the security of a paycheck. We were fortunate to learn quickly from a few that were somewhat successful and they taught us a few things.  It was enough to get by and generate a living for awhile.
As time went by we learned more and gained confidence. We kept  learning about the internet marketing business by training ourselves, reaching out to successful marketers and just by doing it. We did not have a system, we winged it most of the time.  Not a good thing to do. We were diligent and determined and we never gave up.  This lead us to meet seasoned 6 and 7 figure earners.  Our hard work and persistence had paid off. We had built a reputation with a great work ethic and being leaders.
We had been looking for a business that made sense and benefited all parties involved.  WE FOUND IT! Really! We have access to  6 and 7 figure earners that have a step by step proven marketing methods. We have a system that is duplicate able! No more guessing games.  I wished this was around when we first started. This is perfect for someone with no experience as well as the seasoned marketer.  No other team has ever done this and it’s amazing!
I love it at the end of every summer I no longer say I am a teacher and want to change careers!!!!

Is This You?  I Am A Teacher And Want To Change Careers


Start now and make the change!


The Best Definition Of Love In Your Personal Life And In Business

Simon Sinek shares what he feels is ….The Best Definition Of Love In Your Personal Life And In Business

I can identify with Simon Sinek define what he believes is The Best Definition Of Love In Your Personal Life And In Business was ‘giving someone the power to destroy you and trusting they won’t use it.’  

When we give people the responsibility, it builds trust and creates a bond. This is treating people with respect, hiring people who believe in what we believe and treating them like human beings.

There has to be high expectations and accountability which in turn builds a lasting relationship both in your personal life and in business. It doesn’t happen overnight!

Work From Home- Building Trust


How Can I Work From Home And Make Money

How Can I Work From Home And Make Money

After 34 years of teaching every year I would ask  ‘How Can I Work From Home And Make Money’?


I had reached the point of being burnt out! I needed a career change!  It stressful to teach students that did not want to be in the classroom. Unmotivated and many times disrespectful. I dreaded having to drive in bad weather conditions and often dangerous weather conditions.

During my summer break I would wonder How Can I Work From Home And Make Money. I never really did move forward. I thought it would get better the next year. Besides nothing really interested me besides the same old network marketing businesses that are around.

Found My Answer To How Can I Work From Home And Make Money

One day everything changed for us when we were having serious financial problems.  My husband was a mortgage broker and had just lost a lot of his business because of the mortgage crisis.  We were used to both incomes and now there was just my paycheck.
We were close to  losing our house and were behind in most of our bills….that was until we decided to start working from home when a friend introduced us to an online business.  That’s when everything changed.
We were fortunate to have met many successful people that were seasoned network and internet marketing leaders.  We have great training in all aspects of internet marketing and have learned so much about the industry and continue to learn.
This business is not easy, Nothing is easy,  but if you are with the right people, a proven system, have a great work ethic, coachable and will do whatever it takes….this is for you.
This is How Can I Work From Home And Make Money!


The Documentary ‘Present Perfect’ Growing Up And Growing Old

Present Perfect explores the very real experience of aging in America- both growing up, and growing old. It was filmed in a preschool housed completely within a retirement home, powerfully capturing the subtleties and complexities of the young children’s interactions with the elderly residents, while challenging us to consider what we’re doing- and what we’re not- to prepare future generations for what’s to come.  What value does a person have to others throughout their life?  Are we asking for the right contributions from each other?  How do we measure and define a successful life?  While this film doesn’t shy away from confronting some difficult realities, it is ultimately a life-affirming story of hope and human connection.

The Documentary ‘Present Perfect’ Growing Up And Growing Old


I was so inspired watching The Documentary ‘Present Perfect’ Growing Up And Growing Old. 

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Erie Neighborhood House And Evelyn Lyman My Angel

Erie Neighborhood HouseErie Neighborhood House And Evelyn Lyman My Angel

Recently I was thinking about all the events that have happened in my life.  I thought of Erie Neighborhood House And Evelyn Lyman My Angel.  

I remember as a youth living with my biological mother and seven siblings in Chicago, Illinois. We would visit Erie Neighborhood House for all types of help and activities that were offered there.  It was  anything as getting food, clothing, tutoring lessons, attending church, receiving Christmas gifts, selling cookies to be able to go on  a vacation in Michigan, lessons in ballet and piano to visiting families in other states that helped under privileged children.

The person I remember that gave so much to all who visited was Evelyn Lyman.  She dedicated her life to helping people in the neighborhood.  I was nine years old when she introduced us to the family in Warsaw, Indiana. Evelyn Lyman wanted children to see that there was a better way of life and in turn, the families that cared for the children also learned valuable lessons.

Evelyn dedicated every single moment to help families. She brought children into her own home.  She NEVER clocked out.  She is one of the most amazing women I had the pleasure of having in my life  If it wouldn’t have been for her my life would have been so different.

She arranged many children to visit many homes throughout different states. I had the pleasure of visiting several different families in South Dakota and Indiana. I would not have been able to see what life was like outside of my inner city home in Chicago, Illinois. That’s why Erie Neighborhood House And Evelyn Lyman My Angel means so much to me.

Eventually I started visiting the family in Warsaw, Indiana every vacation break we had.  Easter, Thanksgiving and the entire summer.  I did that for several years and the summer of my 13th birthday they ask my biological mother if I could attend school in Warsaw.  Reluctantly she said ‘yes’.  I was the oldest and helped a lot at home.  My mother realized that this would be a better way of life for me, so she put her needs aside for me.  I was a teenager and of course didn’t realize what a great sacrifice that was. Needless to say that it must have hurt her deeply that I was so happy to go.

Evelyn Lyman would visit and make sure everything was working out.  Since I was from the inner city and struggling in school my foster parents would be easy on me.  Evelyn would tell them to treat me as one of their own and not use that as an excuse.  As soon as that happened my grades went up.  That goes to show us that children rise to your expectations.

The next summer my foster mother asked if I wanted to go visit my mother for her birthday.  I didn’t want to go because I thought I might not be able to come back.  I said I’d go later that summer.  The very next week two days before my fourteenth birthday she was killed in a car accident.  I have always felt so guilty that I had not gone to see her.  I was so selfish!

All because of Erie Neighborhood House And Evelyn Lyman My Angel

Since we didn’t have a father in the home Evelyn made sure we were all put in loving homes.  My foster parents took three of us girls and the rest of the siblings went to other homes in the area.  My foster parents already had four children and did not hesitate.  We were all adopted and all have college degrees.

I am so ashamed to say that after I was adopted I lost touch with Erie Neighborhood House And Evelyn Lyman My Angel.  I was so selfish and involved with my own life and would give anything to hug her and thank her for her selflessness.  I guess I wanted to forget that part of my life.

I’m writing this blog to give thanks to a woman that meant the world and made a difference to so many people. So Evelyn, I’m sorry and thank you with all my heart! God Blessed so many families with you!

What Are Your Defining Moments And How Did They Impact You?

What Are Your Defining Moments And How Did They Impact You?

We all have defining moments whether they are good or bad.  What do we consider defining moments? They are life-changing events, milestones, insights, misfortunes anything that has you make critical choices. So What Are Your Defining Moments And How Did They Impact You?  

The video beautifully defines defining moments:

“Life is a series of moments.  Some good moments, some not so good moments.  Some quick, some drawn out.  There are moments that are surprising, or expected.  Some that are intense or relaxing.  There are moments that you want to remember forever.  And some that you can’t wait to forget.  There are moments that you want everyone to hear about and other that you’d rather not speak of.  Life is a series of moments and most of the time we are deeply impacted.  Then there are those other moments when we are confronted with a situation that is life altering, life changing.  When we know because of this moment we will never be the same again.  These are the moments that define us.  That shape our future and become the story of our past.”

We all can reflect and think about What Are Your Defining Moments And How Did They Impact You?  Some will make us smile. Some very sad. Some ashamed.  They will make us feel all kinds of emotions. But we can’t deny or even regret any of them because it is what made us who we are today.

When thinking about ‘What Are Your Defining Moments And How Did They Impact You?’  I decided to share one of the biggest defining moments that I never really share with people. I chose this because it’s something horrible that happened, but did not let it destroy me.

When I was in college, I lived with two roommates off campus.  It was not the best neighborhood since we were just students and couldn’t afford much. My roommates had an evening class and I was home alone.  I had heard a noise, but didn’t think much of it.

Not long after that my roommates arrived home.  We were watching TV and there was a knock at the door.  Jefri went to the door opened it and she said nothing.  Barb and I were in the living room so we couldn’t see who it was.  We asked “Who is it?” Still nothing.  Barb got up to see and she screamed. I got up and there was a man holding Jefri with a gun.

I can not even describe the fear that I felt. It was terrifying!  He asked if there was anyone else was in the house.  We answered ‘No’.  He then took us all from room to room to check for himself.  He stopped in my room and took out a knife and held it to her throat and said he’d use it if we didn’t do what he said.

He left Jefri and Barb in my room and told them to stay there and took me to another bedroom.  I was frightened and thought I was going to die that night. He put a cap over my head and raped me.  I rolled over afterwards and thought “now he’s going to kill me”.  I heard him walking around in the house, then didn’t hear anything.

I waited and heard nothing for what seemed to be forever.  I looked at the digital clock, it was 9:15 pm, I thought to myself, I’ll wait till 9:30 and check to see if he was still there.  I couldn’t …..I ran to the phone and called the police.  He was never caught!

The police came and we went to the  police station to answer questions.  They told me I needed to call my parents, but I couldn’t. I didn’t want to worry them. He insisted, I asked the policeman if  he could do it.  I can’t even imagine what my parents must have felt. I had begged and begged them to let me live off campus.  Now this!

If course we moved out of the house.  I told my parents I wanted to move back home.  I did not want to go to college.  I was afraid to go out at night.  I wanted the security of being home with my parents.

My father and I sat down to talk.  He said that if I let this man dictate my future I would regret it. It was my junior year and decided to stay in college and moved into a dorm.  The next few months were horrible, I never went out and night. During the day every guy I walked by looked like him. Eventually things went back to somewhat normal.  I had so much support from my family and friends that helped me get through it. The next year I graduated from college with a teaching degree.

I used my experience to speak to girls that had been raped in South Bend, Indiana where I was teaching at the time.  I helped to train the women that would be counseling them. This helped me to heal.

It has been 40 years since it happened and not a day goes by that I don’t think about it. I survived through horrible time in my life, but I am alive. I moved forward with my life.  I thank God everyday for the wise words my father shared to keep me focused on my goal.

What Are Your Defining Moments And How Did They Impact You?