I Am A Teacher And Want To Change Careers


I Am A Teacher And Want To Change Careers

Yep it’s me he’s speaking of… I Am A Teacher And Want To Change Careers.  Every summer my husband would have to listen to me talk about wanting to do something from home.  The thought of going back to teach in the Fall depressed me. I was tired and burnt out on teaching.  I taught for 34 years and was ready for a change. Problem was that I didn’t know what I could do.
I made a decent income so I wanted to at least replace my teaching salary and benefits. Well, one day I finally decided and we took a leap of faith and started working our new home business that we were introduced to. It was scary since I didn’t have the security of a paycheck. We were fortunate to learn quickly from a few that were somewhat successful and they taught us a few things.  It was enough to get by and generate a living for awhile.
As time went by we learned more and gained confidence. We kept  learning about the internet marketing business by training ourselves, reaching out to successful marketers and just by doing it. We did not have a system, we winged it most of the time.  Not a good thing to do. We were diligent and determined and we never gave up.  This lead us to meet seasoned 6 and 7 figure earners.  Our hard work and persistence had paid off. We had built a reputation with a great work ethic and being leaders.
We had been looking for a business that made sense and benefited all parties involved.  WE FOUND IT! Really! We have access to  6 and 7 figure earners that have a step by step proven marketing methods. We have a system that is duplicate able! No more guessing games.  I wished this was around when we first started. This is perfect for someone with no experience as well as the seasoned marketer.  No other team has ever done this and it’s amazing!
I love it at the end of every summer I no longer say I am a teacher and want to change careers!!!!

Is This You?  I Am A Teacher And Want To Change Careers


Start now and make the change!


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