How My Father Has Been My Inspiration

How My Father Has Been My Inspiration  dad

Where to begin in how my father has been my inspiration. I owe everything to him and my mother.  That is an understatement! Could it be that….

  • he was a foster parent to me and three of my siblings with four of his biological children
  • he was a role model to his family
  • he served the community in many ways
  • he served his country and was a Hero
  • he loved us unconditionally
  • he worked long hours to provide for us
  • he loved my mother
  • he put us through college
  • he always let me know how proud he was of us
  • he took care of my mother when she was terminally ill
  • he visited me often in college to take me to lunch
  • he always brought us gifts when he had to be out of town for work
  • he adopted me as a teenager
  • he talked me into staying in college after I wanted to quit
  • he gave me a beautiful life!

How my father has been my inspiration is hard to put into words. I was one of the lucky ones that was able to be taken in to a home filled with love.  I have so many great memories and owe him so much for all he does.  Thank you Dad!  Happy Father’s Day!  I Love You!

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