Things I Regret Taking For Granted When I Was Younger

My birthday is in a few days and I find myself looking back at my life. There were so many Things I Regret Taking For Granted When I Was Younger.  Perhaps someone reading this blog will take away a valuable lesson from it.

I have always loved the Beatles and felt the song ‘Blackbird’ fit well with what I was feeling as I wrote.


Things I Regret Taking For Granted When I Was Younger

When reflecting back on what I wanted to share a few of the Things I Regret Taking For Granted When I Was Younger   They were my moms.  I was fortunate to have two mothers.  I lost my biological mom in a car accident at the age of 14 and never really told her how much I loved her.  One of the last things she probably remembered was that I did not spend her birthday with her.  I preferred to be with the family that eventually adopted me, because I did not want to go back to the inner city where we lived. I was a selfish little girl.   I regret not telling her I loved her and spending time with her when I had the chance.

Another major regret is when a few years ago my adopted mother was dying of cancer I did not stay by her side and comfort her more.  I wished that when she was alive I had thanked her for taking me in and giving me a wonderful life. I always felt loved and took her love for granted.  If I wasn’t able to visit she was always understanding and would say “You have your family and I know you’re busy honey”.  I miss her calling me honey.  I miss calling her for advise.  I miss her hugs. I miss her smile. I miss her so much it hurts!

I have been emotional more than usual and wanted to share and speak to my moms.  Even though they are not physically here…..I know they are in spirit.  I feel their presence every time I see something they loved.  I love you both and miss you!

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